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1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351

1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351

$ 63,900

Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Condition: Used
Mileage: 38860
Engine: Boss 351 Cleveland
Location: 22407, Fredericksburg, Virginia
SellerID: boss460mustang
VIN#: 1F02R211795

Seller's Notes:

Genuine 1971 Boss 351 Mustang Light Pewter Metallic/Black VIN 1F02R211795; Body 63D Mustang Sportsroof This is a beautiful example of a 1971 Boss 351 Mustang and has been driven only 38,850 miles. Light Pewter metallic complemented by black hockey stripes and black interior, this is perhaps the most desirable Boss color combination that was available from the factory. Adding to the beauty is the factory optional Mach 1 interior with two tone black and silver front buckets. This 1971 Boss 351 is one of only 1,806 produced and there are only 591 remaining according to the Boss 351 Registry. I have title history back to 1989 and owner history to 1978 that supports the odometer mileage. I purchased this car in July 2007 out of north Texas from someone who performed a five-year nut and bolt type restoration, including a full rebuild on the Boss Cleveland engine by Kuntz & Company, Arkadelphia, AR to enhanced Boss 351 specifications. The engine is documented to have dynoed at 401 hp @ 6500 rpm with the stock exhaust manifolds and original emission special Boss Autolite 4300D D1ZF-ZA 715 cfm carburetor and associated Ford intake manifold. The previous owner spent over 1000 careful hours restoring this car paying painstaking attention to original details; he purchased the car in 2001 and completed restoration in 2006. The car had already been repainted by the prior owner circa 1999, the correct light pewter metallic basecoat with clearcoat, so he completed the restoration from there. Overall the paint is very, very nice and grabs attention anywhere it goes. Restoration: The restoration was performed with a primary goal of using as many original and NOS parts as possible. I have since performed further refinements to the car from both a restoration detail as well as refining its overall performance. Most important is that this car looks as good underneath as it does up top! Many people make claims that their car is "restored" but the difference here is that this car has been meticulously and correctly restored ! Nearly every bolt and fastener was removed and replated. All driveline/brake/suspension/engine compartment components were media blasted and refinished to original appearance. Any worn or questionable brake, driveline, or suspension components were replaced. The undercarriage was stripped (scraping the original rust free floor pans to the metal and removing all undercoating), the engine compartment was also stripped down to bare metal and any minor pin hole rust spots were treated/filled with POR-15 materials. The interior was also stripped (dash, pedals, gauge pods, pod lenses, etc.), and trunk area; all components were restored back to their original finish (including restoring the dash back to the original charcoal poly finish, as well as installing new insulation against the firewall, behind the dash, and under the seats). During the restoration, a slop green/gray/black color was found under the fuel tank, so some PPG urethane was mixed to match this, shooting it over two coats of correct red oxide primer. This was done on the underbody from the front of the transmission tunnel to the back of the car. Inside sheet metal, under seats, etc., received red oxide primer followed by basecoat. All dash chrome was restored by Mr. G's Enterprises (Fort Worth, TX); the Rim Blow Steering wheel was restored by The Rimblow Buddy (Glendale, AZ); and, the deluxe door panels were done by Gene Painter Door Panels (Simpsonville, SC). I replaced the original AM/8-track with another original, rebuilding, and installing better power transistors enabling both a clearer and louder sound. The original and rare date coded Autolite 4300D D1ZF-ZA spreadbore carburetor was rebuilt and replated by Pony Carburetors. Date code on this carburetor is 1E4 = May 4, 1971 which is in concert with the 5/28/71 build date. The original VIN stamped wide ratio Toploader transmission had a new seal kit (previous owner), shifter arm bushings (previous owner), and rebuilt Hurst shifter installed (by me in 04/2008). I replaced this transmission by a Roger Parks (352-568-3066) rebuilt Boss 351 RUG AV1 toploader in 11/2009 as I suspected some wear on the 1-2 synchronizer exhibited by very slight grinding during any "spirited" shifting. As such, the original is in a plastic container and is a "spare" that goes along with the car. The Roger Parks rebuild installed in the car is perfect. Engine: The previous owner noted that the consecutive serial number stamped on this engine did not match the car's VIN when he removed it for rebuilding by Kuntz & Company and for detail of the engine compartment. This engine is a Boss 351 Cleveland, however, and is suspected of being out of another 1971 Boss 351 (not uncommon with high revving mechanical lifter engines back in the day; the block also has a February 1971 build date according to previous owner documentation). The engine was very likely replaced in the 1970s, and a former owner who owned it since 1989 (from whom the previous owner in Texas purchased the car in 2001) was unaware of this fact. (Note well that a Boss 351 Cleveland differs from a plain vanilla 351 Cleveland engine; see description of R-code below. Also, note well this engine is a complete Boss 351 factory engine, not one that was assembled from swap meet parts). When the engine was disassembled by Kuntz & Company, it was revealed that it did contain the correct Boss components such as the D1AE-GA 4V "4+dot" marked 66cc quench and studded heads, and the D0AE-L engine block had all the correct Boss parts (crank, damper, rods, 4-bolt mains, oil pan, pistons, timing gears and chain, etc.). The previous owner went to what some would say is the best 351 Cleveland expert, Kuntz & Company, Arkadelphia, AR to rebuild the Boss engine to modern enhanced Boss 351 specifications. The block was honed 0.030 over for a total displacement of 357 CID and new forged Venolia pistons were used to achieve 12:1 compression. Some of the upgrades included are a slightly hotter Competition Cams flat tappet mechanical camshaft (242/252 gross duration and .589/.610 lift at .050), a 3-angle valve job, stainless steel single stem valves, Crane roller rockers, new factory guide plates, Centerforce steel billet flywheel, Centerforce clutch, and hardened exhaust valve seats (for no lead or low lead fuel; note that I have been using CAM2 110 octane racing fuel and not junk ethanol tainted pump gas; car will run just great with a 50/50 mix of 93 pump/CAM2, but I have elected to run strait CAM2 due to its long "shelf-life"). The engine was also balanced by Kuntz enabling smooth high rpm performance. This engine has only 1400 miles on it! The engine was dynoed by Kuntz & Company and 401 hp was achieved at 6500 rpm. This was with the stock emission compromised 715cfm spreadbore Autolite 4300D D1ZF-ZA carburetor, associated Ford dual plane aluminum intake manifold, and stock cast iron exhaust manifolds. The engine was actually revved to 7000 rpm during testing. Kuntz & Company commented during the dyno testing that this engine could make close to 500 hp with an aftermarket Holley Performance carburetor and open headers. Note: I installed a vintage Ford (D1ZX-9425-DA) over-the-counter square flange replacement aluminum dual plane intake manifold to allow use of a Holley performance carburetor (this was a common practice in the day due to the emission compromises of the stock Boss Autolite 4300D). This manifold is a true look alike and only differs in the Ford part number suffix ("DA" versus "CA"). All carburetor fuel lines are installed "as stock" and there has been no amateur butchering of any kind. It is not easily apparent that a Holley is installed when the ram air cleaner assembly is in place. What is installed is a modified List 3310 750 cfm with vacuum secondaries (yellow diaphragm spring), milled air horn (for increased cfm without sacrificing low end torque), and a four corner idle system for a smoother idle and overall increased performance over the stock Autolite 4300D. All parts are included for reversal of this installation to original stock configuration if desired (you will be disappointed if you do it as the car will not idle as smooth and run as strong). I feel that the Holley has added at least another honest 20 hp to the dyno numbers along with noticeably better overall operating characteristics. A summary description of a stock Boss 351 engine is as follows: The rare 1971 R-code version (Boss 351, 330 HP) was a high compression (11.7:1) 4V configuration employing the closed-chamber head design, solid lifter cam, special pushrod guide plates, Brinell hardness -checked crankshaft, forged pistons, improved connecting rods, aluminum intake manifold, dual-point distributor, 4-bolt main caps. Originality: All of the expensive parts are there, e.g. original Autolite 4300D D1ZF-ZA carburetor (these typically sell for over $4K), rev limiter, ram air cleaner assembly with original seal, ram air plenum, NOS radiator, speedometer gear reducer, 31 spline nodular housing with 3.91 gears, rebuilt (2001) traction lock differential and two Boss 351 RUG AV1 toploader transmissions (one original to the car). The distributor in the car is a "dummy" period-correct Autolite that was recurved by Mel's Ignition (Siler City, NC) with the correct vacuum advance unit on it. The original to the car, D1ZF-12127-DA distributer, with its own restored vacuum advance (looks new) is also included (typically sell for $2K). Although this was originally a "hubcap" car, the car has original genuine Ford 15 x 7 Magnum 500 wheels which were an option in 1971. It also has a beautiful and operational Rim-Blow steering wheel, a tilt-steering column, full console, and genuine Ford AM/8-track Stereo. It is believed, by anecdotal evidence from previous owners, that these options were added in the early 1970s, and perhaps even as dealer installed options. The seats are original except for the front seat bottom covers as I replaced these myself with high quality TMI reproductions in 03/2013. The car has its original space saver tire and inflation bottle. Detailing in the trunk is superb and correct ! Unlike the Mach 1 and other lesser Mustangs, Boss 351 Mustang trunks did not have scotch matting from the factory ! Front and rear bumpers are the untouched originals and still look great. Note that there are a couple of repaired paint chips on the front door edges (where they meet the fender) which happened when the previous owner was restoring the car and reinstalling and aligning the fenders after working in the engine compartment area. There are also some minor chips where the rear of the fenders meets the hood. They have not been professionally touched up and are not that apparent unless one is doing a slow six inch walk around inspection and looking for them. There are also two small bubbles above the center top rim of the left rear wheel well (see pic) which appear to have been a minor rust fill and some poor preparation prior to repainting. These have been there during the nine years since I purchased the car in 07/2007 and have not changed in size, so I doubt there will be a change in the next 9 years unless you start driving the car through road salt baths. If anything, they prove that this car has all its original sheet metal. Neither I nor the previous owner have found any evidence of past accidents or replaced body panels. The car matches the build/details listed in the Marti and Ford Emminger "999" reports other than the additional options described above. The restoration was performed correctly with painstaking attention to detail. Markings and decals are correct; colors are correct; tuning is correct; no sloppiness; no shortcuts; and, no excuses. I recall spending hours just locating and paying $70 for a NOS air cleaner heat hose clamp...a small item which is commonly ignored. This is what a factory 1971 Mustang Boss 351 would have really looked like back in suspicious exterior trim items, no holes chopped in the interior for boom speakers, no aftermarket traction bars to tear up the rear extra decals or markings, or incorrect underbody painting. The hood and other exterior black painted areas are the correct satin black, not gloss black that is commonly seen on sloppy repaints. Additional Material and Parts: Included is a Noah car cover that was only used in my garage, so it's very clean. I will also provide all paperwork, e.g. major receipts for engine work, parts, Deluxe Marti Report, Emminger Report, my maintenance history, brochures, a complete set of 1971 Ford Maintenance Manuals, some 1971 sales literature, copies of correspondence with previous owners, etc. Also included are all the left over old engine parts after Kuntz completed the engine rebuild, e.g. original pistons, bearings, timing chain, etc. I also have a number of new "spare parts" such as NOS Magnum 500 center caps, Autolite EV-50 PCV valves, Motorcraft fuel filters, clutch springs, carburetor gaskets, distributor caps, spark plugs, plug wires, new rear seat floor mats. Also some spare "used" but nice parts. As mentioned, also included is the original D1ZF-12127-DA distributor, original RUG AV1 top loader transmission, original and rare Autolite 4300-D D1ZF-ZA carburetor, original Ford spreadbore aluminum intake manifold (D1ZX-9425-CA) and any other related hardware. I also have spare cans of engine, frame, and other detailing paint that was used during the restoration. All included! There are thousands of dollars just in extra parts here ! Other History: This is one of the last Boss 351 Mustangs to be produced as it was assembled in May 1971 (5/28/71 build date) and was delivered to McFayden Ford in Omaha, NE. The previous owners back to 1978 only put approximately 3000 miles on the car up until when I purchased it in 07/2007, and I have driven the car only an average of 150 miles a year for the last nine years that I have owned it. The previous owners back to 1978 basically drove the car on dry weekends to cruise and/or show it. Deluxe Marti report and Emminger report. -Boss 351 Cleveland Engine - performance enhanced full rebuild by Kuntz & Company, Arkadelphia, AR; only 1400 miles -Stock exhaust manifolds -4 speed wide ratio transmission (original RUG AV1 toploader with VIN plus a Roger Parks rebuilt Boss 351 RUG AV1 toploader) -Stock Ford Hurst T-handle shifter -Goodyear (repro) F60x15 wide oval polyglass tires (1400 miles on tires) -Power steering -Power brakes -Rim blow steering wheel (beautiful and operational) -Tilt steering -Rear deck spoiler -AM/8 Track Stereo -Genuine Ford Magnum 500 Chrome wheels (not reproductions) -Mach 1 Sports Interior Group -Mostly Original interior (front seat bottom covers replaced in 2013 with high quality TMI reproductions) -Repainted circa 1999 in the original light pewter metallic color -Always garaged and stored in a climate controlled space This car is a very strong number 2 with some folks putting it between 1 and 2. It has been driven on hobby rides on dry days (I have only put an average of 150 miles on it per year in the 9 years that I have owned it). It's one of the best that I have ever seen advertised over the years. This is not a new 2016 Mustang GT and is a 45-year-old car, but it runs and drives extremely well and has been very reliable. It's an easy starting car even with the milled air horn chokeless carburetor and 12:1 compression ! That being said, it may not be "new" by 2016 standards, but it sure runs and drives like a new 1971 vehicle. Unlike other Boss Mustangs with their 45 year old so called original engines, this Boss runs cool in the summer, has never overheated, and tracks, shifts, and stops straight and true! And...she accelerates stronger than any bone stock specification engine and sounds awesome. Any healthy Boss 351 back in the day riding on Polyglass tires easily chirped the tires on 1-2 and 2-3 shifts without pushing it. This Boss 351 easily chirps the tires in all gears without pushing it. Next time someone takes you for a demonstration ride or posts a demonstration, listen for at least a mild 1-2 shift chirp, if not, something may not be right, could be poor tuning, a slipping clutch, junk gas, not a real Boss, etc. I drove this car recently in the mid-90 degree heat, and it truly ran fabulous...always's worth every penny...I could easily change my mind on selling as this car is intoxicating... I encourage inspections prior to purchase; only very serious buyers will be considered for test drives. Feel free to telephone me if you want discuss anything...just ask and I'll provide my number. If you desire a pic of a certain area, let me know and I'll see what I can do...I likely already have it ! I have additional pics of the underside and other features. I desire potential buyers to be well informed and pleased...check my feedback... I've also spoken with the former owner in Flower Mound, Texas and he is willing to answer any questions (from serious buyers only as he has limited time). I've had a few inquires about the paint condition and whether it would need a repaint. Aside from the few chips that I have mentioned, which are hardly noticeable, the paint is fabulous ! I would never repaint this car ! Apparently the pics do not do the car justice. Car is a magnet for admirers. Car needs for pleasure, cruise in nights, or show... No tuning excuses ! I am not particularly interested in trades per se, but may consider a pristine Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Also perhaps a 1968 or 1969 genuine 427 Corvette with cold a/c. Other interesting performance car trades up or down may also be considered such as 2013/2014/2016 Shelbys. No drag raced and abused examples please. Cash offers plus gold coins will also be considered. All serious offers will be considered ! Bring your offer, worst that can happen is that I say no... If you do not necessarily want the original Autolite 4300-D D1ZF-ZA carburetor along with the car, I can deduct $4,000 from the price.


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