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2006 Ford F250 Diesel 4x4 King Ranch Crew Cab 4wd Pickup 4-door See Video

2006 Ford F250 Diesel 4x4 King Ranch Crew Cab 4wd Pickup 4-Door SEE VIDEO

$ 18,000

Make: Ford
Model: F-250 Super Duty
Condition: Used
Mileage: 141600
Engine: 6.0l 363cu. In. V8 Diesel...
Location: 85718, Tucson, Arizona
SellerID: wheelkinetics
VIN#: 1FTSW21P96EA17440

Seller's Notes:

800-860-0194Driving Video Pictures Terms 2006 Ford F250 KR Diesel 4x4 Clean/Clear Title! Theft Recovered See Pictures Below! Deposit Received We have received a deposit on this Ford and expect it to sell in the next 7 days. Please do not make an offer while this message is displayed Please take a look at our other vehicles below! Vehicle Sold We have received payment this Ford and will be removing the ad shortly. Please do not make an offer or "Buy It Now" while this message is displayed. Please take a look at our other vehicles below, and hopefully we have one that will work for you! What's Our Reserve? Our website gives a buy it now price AND award-winning online negotiation system. We also have an inventory update system where you can tell us what you're looking for and we'll search for it! Please visit our website and see what we're asking! All of our vehicles are NOT on eBay! Our vehicles sell cheaper on our website through our patent-pending online negotiation system! Click here or one of the vehicles below to see our website and make an offer there! High Defintion Driving Video. We show you what's wrong with the Ford, not what's right. All of our vehicles are NOT on eBay! Our vehicles sell cheaper on our website through our patent-pending online negotiation system! Click here or one of the vehicles below to see our website and make an offer there! DSLR Pictures. If you cannot see the pictures, please click here Terms. Must read and accept before making an offer. Winning Bidders: First, if you buy this vehicle, the very first thing you must do is this link to go to our winning bidder page. This page explains all of the post-auction steps and gives all needed information! Please, before doing anything, click this link! You will get access to our custom "MyCar" web system with all of the information, documents, and procedures to get your new car. And even better, the webpage keeps you updated on the transaction status! Additionally, this Ford will remain for sale on our website until your information is entered. Deposit & Info Required: eBay sales aren't in a bubble as some myopic eBay buyers believe -- we sell our vehicles in a variety of areas, including on our award-winning website. Therefore, even if you 'win' the vehicle on eBay, it will remain for sale until: (1) You enter your information into our website (the link is in the "Winning Bidder" section above) AND (2) You make the $500 deposit (done through our website). That combination stops customers on our website from making offers and is the only way to insure that you are the buyer. To the extent that any portion of this auction/ad conflicts with this section, this section controls. Contract Rescission: Wheel Kinetics reserves the right, in its sole and absolute descretion, to void the sale at any time and refund all collected money to the Buyer. eBay Representations Void: The area of the auction from our logo up is controlled by eBay. Much of the information above our logo, including options and features, "auto populates" based on eBay's computers. Those computers are often incorrect. Therefore, you CANNOT RELY on options or features listed by eBay. Only rely on information presented from our logo and below. Front End Wear: We (nor any dealer, including Ford factory dealers) properly inspect ball joints and related parts. The proper way to inspect is with a run out gauge for play and spec. (Incompetent mechanics love to hand twist the joints and claim that the "slop" is proof of excessive wear) Therefore, to avoid debates with the truck thousands of miles away, please assume that this truck will have front end wear, including but not limited to the ball joints, arms, steering stabilizer, and all other parts associated with the front suspension that may require replacement. Leaks: If you do not like leaks, do not buy a used truck, and especially not a diesel truck! It is normal for trucks to seep oil, particularly through transfer case casting cracks, motor and transmission gaskets, etc. We inspect for fluid leaks, not fluid seeps. That said, we do not want to parse out what is a leak and what is a seep when the truck is hundreds of miles away. Therefore, please assume that the truck will pour fluid from every place that fluid could potentially leak. (As always, your personal pre-buy inspection is welcomed!) Guarantee: We are the only dealership on eBay to not bind you by contract if you decide that you do not like the vehicle in person! You are welcome to take the vehicle AFTER THE SALE to any mechanic, body shop, etc. of your choice within the 1 day and 50 miles! No one else gives this level of customer assurance. However, we will only refund the full price of the vehicle and take the vehicle back -- we will not pay a lesser amount to fix parts. (Ultimately, you either like the buy or you don't)After-Sale Repairs: We will not reimburse any repairs which are performed prior to our authorization. If you feel there is a problem with your vehicle upon delivery, notify us immediately. We require that any issue be documented by video (easy to do with modern cell phones). You agree that any repair that you make without our prior consent will not be reimbursed and that you will hold Wheel Kinetics harmless for the repairs. Driving/Description Video: This ad contains a video where we describe the vehicle further and give you close ups of various features and issues to give you, the buyer, an in depth and personal look at the vehicle. By bidding or making an offer, you agree that you have watched the above video, the descriptions in the video are part of this agreement, and you accept the video representations in full. Snapshot Graphics: The star ratings in the "Snapshot graphics" are not to be relied upon as a true representation of the vehicle's condition. The ratings are highly subjective, thus no bidder can rely on any portion of the graphic for ANY REASON. Instead, please use the written representations under the respective Interior, Exterior, and Mechanics snapshot graphics that describe the condition along with the pictures for bidding. Payment: $500 NON REFUNDABLE -- unless you inspect in person and opt out of the purchase -- deposit due on acceptance of our offer via credit card through our 256 Bit, SSL EV encrypted website. Full payment is due within 7 days of the auction's end. Paypal, credit cards, or other non-secured funds CANNOT be used for full payment. If either the payment or deposit terms are breached, we may relist and/or void the sale. Certified funds only. (This means no Capital One "blank checks," Ebay funding, or any kind of bank draft as they take weeks to clear.) Vehicle Pick-up: Your vehicle may be picked up in person by appointment M-F 8am-5pm, PLEASE NO EXCEPTIONS. The hours apply to both in-person pick ups and shipping pick ups. Professional shippers do not need an appointment, they only need to arrive between 8-5. (We're a family-oriented business, and everyone's kids are out of school at 5) Taxes and Fees, Arizona Residents: Sales tax (8.1%) and $250 doc fee. License and registration are extra. Taxes and Fees, Non-Arizona Residents Using a Shipping Company: No sales tax or doc fee. The eBay final price is all that is due to us. Your state's license, registration, and other taxes levied by your state are extra.Taxes and Fees, Non-Arizona (U.S) Residents Taking Delivery in Arizona: Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute 42-5061(U), out of state buyers that take delivery in Arizona will pay sales tax according to their home state's tax rate, plus 2.0% for city tax, AND a $250 doc fee. All customers who take delivery in Arizona will receive a voucher showing taxes paid in Arizona to avoid being double charged by their home state. (You will not be taxed twice!) Your state's license and registration are extra. Licensed dealers do not pay sales tax. Taxes and Fees, Non-U.S Residents Taking Delivery in Arizona: Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute 42-5061(U), foreign citizens who take delivery in Arizona are subject to 8.1% state, county, and city sales taxes and $250 doc fee. Licensed dealers do not pay sales tax. Emissions: We guarantee our vehicles to pass Arizona emissions. However, with 49 other states and 49 other sets of laws, it is impossible to guarantee 50 state compliance. Inspections: Are allowed by appointment, but with our industry leading WORRY FREE GUARANTEE, pre-sale inspections are largely moot. We do allow and encourage pre-payment Ford dealer inspections, at the buyer's cost. Bid Retractions (for auction sales): If there is a bid retraction, we reserve the right to void the entire sale, even if the winning bidder did not retract. Non-Paying Bidders / Liquidated Damages: Unfortunately, many buyers on eBay do not follow through with their contracts and simply play on the computer. When we relist because of a non-paying bidder, that creates doubt in the minds of subsequent bidders as to the vehicle's quality. Additionally, the vehicle is tied up for weeks waiting for a non-existant payment, we lose eBay fees, and and we lose interest. Therefore, to stay in business, we regrettably must include the following, strongly worded terms: If for any reason the bidder/buyer fails to pay in full, we will relist the vehicle. The non-paying winning bidder/buyer owes Wheel Kinetics 8% of the final bid amount plus $130 for the eBay ad. Additionally, the bidder/buyer also owes all court costs, attorney's fees, and costs associated with litigating, obtaining, and/or enforcing a judgment. Please be serious in your bidding!!! We take this very seriously, and we respectfully ask that you do too. Forum Selection: In the very unlikely event that any dispute were to arise concerning this entire transaction, including dealings through ebay, Arizona law and jurisdiction will exclusively apply, venue Pima county. As-Is: The car is sold as-is with no warranties expressed or implied or any guarantees for any purpose, including the implied warranty of merchantability, unless expressly modified by the terms or descriptions in this auction or by law. Additional Contract Terms Are Void: When making an offer, eBay allows a buyer/bidder to insert additional contractual terms. Additional contractual terms inserted in an eBay offer by the buyer/bidder are VOID, and seller's acceptance of the offer will be binding in full but without buyer's additional terms. If you would like to discuss terms before offering, please email us first! Bidding Assumptions: Because these vehicles often sit idle, the battery becomes low and dashboard lights appear. Assume when bidding that every dash light will be on when the vehicle arrives. Also assume that all vehicles do not have a spare or tools, keyless entry, antenna, radio, manuals, or service history unless pictured. We do not test cruise control, please assume that it is inoperative. Theft Cars: All cars are reasonably inspected, and we think that our feedback speaks to our accurate disclosures. We closely inspect the engine/powertrain of the car and frame, and we typically drive each car many miles to give a great description and deal. If we see any issue, we put it in the ad. However, there may be latent, undiscovered issues in areas outside of engine/powertrain and frame present in recovered theft vehicles, e.g. wiring. This heightened purchasing risk lowers the price and creates a potentially incredible value. The thousands of dollars that you are saving compensates you for potential, though unlikely, undiscovered issues.

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